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Lisa Mason is a Holistic Nutritionist & is the founder of Pure Family Health. Passionate about encompassing all aspects of health from a holistic Natropathic perspective, from helping families with day to day choices, allergies, intolerance's, identifying any vitamin or mineral deficiencies to strengthening body systems. As well as bringing all the latest information, Lisa is also completing her Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. To make an appointment with Lisa contact us on (02) 49 156 640.
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Posted by Lisa Mason (Holistic Nutritionist) on 09-Apr-2017 12:49:47

Are you dreading winter?

We have had the most amazing summer this year. Here in Newcastle the beaches have been alive, beautiful blue warm water, steamy sand and incredibly hot days that made walking in the bush just glorious. 

A change of seasons can always stir up an array of challenges, especially for some families who just seem to get every cold, flu and sniffle that goes around, winter is such a downer!

Allergies and colds and flu being the most common

Allergies and colds and flu being the most common. For many families with little ones,  we tend to stay indoors with heating on. This can be problematic because it

  • Decreases vitamin D intake due to be inside
  • Increases 'dampness' and exposure to the indoor allergens due to poor ventilation
  • Decreased exercise and running around for little ones, put the body at a disadvantage for keeping the immune system buzzing along
  • Increased contact to friends and family members due to time indoors with closer proximity
Being prepared can greatly reduce the risk, effect and duration of these inconvenient annoyances.
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