Breastfeeding Education Workshop 

With Emma Maher - IBCLC & Midwife
Empowered Lactation With Emma


Take the next step in preparing for parenthood, with this informative and empowering Breastfeeding workshop!

Sunday 8th August 2021


Refreshments included.





Leave Empowered And Informed With Tools For Ongoing Learning!

The Australian National Infant Feeding Survey statistics showed that in Australia in 2010, 90% initiated exclusive breastfeeding and Only 15.4% of babies were exclusively breastfed to 5 months.

  • We put so much emphasis on learning how to take care of your baby through pregnancy and birth BUT what happens after your baby arrives?

  • Many women only get to experience getting a few hours of support before they leave the hospital on learning how to breastfeed. Whilst breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't always come easy!

  • It takes lots of practice, the right education, positioning and knowing your baby to get it all right. 


This workshop is here to help you feel confident, informed and educated from the first moment with your baby + right through into the weeks and months ahead of your parenthood journey.



In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The benefits & risks of infant feeding options
  • Hormonal influence on breastfeeding
  • Breastmilk composition and changes
  • Hand expressing, storage of breastmilk
  • The let down reflex and milk transfer
  • Gut training for the infant
  • The first few hours with your baby
  • Neonatal primitive reflexes
  • Biological nurturing & tuning into your baby
  • The best positions to breastfeed


  • Optimal latch & suck
  • Infant output - what's normal
  • Crying & comfort sucking
  • Common myths & common complications
  • How to support breastfeeding
  • Your partner's role in supporting breastfeeding
  • Just one bottle or not?
  • Alternative feeding options
  • Gentle bottle feeding 
  • How to seek support



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