Join us for a collaboritive evening developing a greater understanding on how to support children's development

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Building Blocks - Foundations For Optimal Growth & Development -

Part 1- The Primitive Stages Of Life 

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 For Parents/Carers, Educators, Teachers and Occupational Therapists 

Better understand the relationship of the brain and its development to spine and body growth.

Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre is excited to invite you to the first event of the year in our two part series 'Building Blocks- Foundations For Optimal Growth & Development" series The Primitive Stages Of Life.

Join Dr Jacey Pryjma Chiropractor & director of Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre and health industry guest speakers for a two hour event that will help you walk away with a greater understanding of the brain/ body relationship as you build an understanding of different areas of the brain and what they do, identify primitive movement patterns (primitive reflexes) in babies and older children and learn how to optimise communication and connection within the first 3 years of life.

An event for families to work together...

In this first seminar, one of a two part series, you will learn about the primitive stages of life of the first three years.

Understand how the brain organises itself
How the brain brings information in to stimulate growth and how to optimise we can optimise it
How to understand the movement patterns of babies and the way they may be reflected in older children & what that means
Learn about the challenges faced with today’s iGeneration children & how we can support them through this first 3 years

Goals of the event...

To encourage a collaborative approach to supporting children as they grow through the first 3 years of life.

This event provides an opportunity to better understand the relationship of the brain and its development to spine and body growth.

This is the first event of a 2 event series that will be repeated later in the year.
The 2hrs session starts at 6.30pm. 
Please arrive 10 mins prior to ensure this event starts on time!