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Our events and workshops have been designed to holistically care for you and your family. Connecting with experts in all areas of health and wellbeing, our mission is to bring health to the forefront of family living by supporting families of the Hunter to be todays heroes for health, vitality and resilience.
Our workshops cater for all ages, we know you will find something here to support you on your wellness journey!
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Know Your Car Workshop

Creating Confident Teenagers Behind the Wheel

Your teenager is now taking to the road! Not only do they need to learn to drive, the also need to be confident behind the wheel. Just as we promote holistic strategies in health, we believe that their safety on the road comes from holistic strategies to engage them to really know their car. To know how to care for it and how to protect themselves. 

In this workshop your teenager will learn how to

  • Find the dipstick
  • Find the correct sitting position that is the safest for them
  • Learn to change a tyre


Creating Confident Teenagers behind the Wheel

The Back To School Check-Up
"Encouraging Fantastic Form and Function, for Kindy,
Primary & High Schoolers"

Friday 2nd August 2019


Every day we see the toll busy lives takes on our children. This workshop is all about supporting todays children's to be champions of their own health. Our Back to School check up happens every term. Bring your child for a Chiropractic check up, help them learn how to care for themselves at school and be proactive about supporting their spine health and development!

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A Preconception Care Workshop
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Shining a light on preconception health, this workshop is all about helping you and your partner
to be in the best health and space possible to bring little ones into the world.

 Join our four wonderful presenters and dive into:

  • How to find your fertility window (sometimes it's not so easy!)
  • Learn about what diet, environment, hormones and stress have to do with each other
  • What is needed physically, chemically and emotionally for the journey ahead
  • How to find your tribe and support network
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Feeding Your Newborn
"A workshop about feeding function and common concerns"

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Join Dr Amanda Watson (Chiropractor) in the beautiful lounge at ACCC
to learn about essential functional elements required for your baby to feed well,
what could be causing the issues you’re experiencing
and what you can do to help your baby.



 Nurturing Sleep

A workshop for tired mums

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Join Renee Sciulli from Sweet Dreams Baby & Dr Amanda Watson from Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre to gain the support you need to really make a difference to your child’s sleep.

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