Are you stressed about your child's eating habits?

Do you want to know WHAT they need for
optimal growth & Development?


Then Mum, this event is for you! 

Join ACCC's Nutritionist
Lisa Mason (Pure Family Health) 

Wednesday 30th May 2018 

6:30pm- 8:00pm

 Pure Family Health is excited to invite you to the first event for Happy, Healthy Nourished Kids!

We know that many children refuse to eat most meals put out in front of them, especially at dinner time each & every single day.
It can be a real struggle to get any new foods into their little growing bodies

We understand the stress as a parent thinking that they just aren't getting enough nutrition...


Join Lisa Mason (Nutritionist) at this event as she guides you easily through the complex world of nutrition for our children's early
development needs and how to get all these important nutrients from our daily diet.


During this event you will:

1. Learn what nutrients are essential for growth & development

2. How to find these from everyday foods

3. Gain easy recipes & tips for ensuring an easy approach to healthy eating & living!


This event has two goals:

A) To take the stress out of healthy meal times.

B) To provide ongoing support to parents so you’re not the only one saying ‘eat your veggies’



Every parent wants the best for their childs health & well-being...

Come along to learn some strategies to help achieve this goal without the stress! 

The event runs for 1.5  hours for parents to come along & feel free to bring a friend for free!


This Event is perfect for Children Ages (1-3 years)






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With so much constantly changing information out there it is sometimes hard to find the right fit.     
 As parents we all want the best for our children and to have them happy, healthy and thriving!
 Through practicing with a ‘whole body’ naturopathic philosophy, I am able to provide you and your family 
 the best and latest information to ensure everyone can be at their best. 
Lisa Mason (Nutritionist)  



Event Location: Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre
18-19, 363 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay NSW 2282