Join us for a Sciency evening filled of fun & learning about our amazing bodies & our incredible cells...


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My Incredible Cells Workshop 


 For Parents/Carers & their Child(ren) (Ages 5-14yrs)
Build a cell and learn how it works & how we can help keep them healthy!
Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre is excited to invite you to the first event in our series ‘Science of the Human Body’ called My Incredible Cells.
Join Dr Jacey and Dr Amanda (Chiropractors) as they take you on a journey to discover how incredibly cool the human body is starting with a single cell. Using science & art as the perfect medium to empower passion for health with a family focus.

An event for families to work together...

In this part 1 event we will learn together about what a cell is and how they amazingly work together to form all of our parts of our bodies. We will also being teaching families how they can help keep their cells healthy & functioning at their fullest potentials & the importance of keeping hydrated and eating healthy to ensure our cells are healthy & optimising at their optimum potential.   

During this event you and your child(ren) will:

1. Be able to marvel at the incredible beauty of the human body as a family

2. Together actually build a cell while learning all about how incredible they are

3. Create goals for home around - hydration and eating well to help these incredible cells & amazing body stay super healthy!


Goals of the event...

This event has two goals:

1. To encourage children to learn about the body & make the connection to how to take care of themselves

2. To provide ongoing support to parents so you’re not the only one saying ‘eat your vegies’

 THIS IS A 2HR EVENT. This event is for parent/carers and their child(ren).
Please arrive 10 mins prior to ensure this event starts on time!
Tickets only $20 for 1 x Adult & Child
Additional Children only $5