Feeding Your Newborn Online Workshop

Mama, are you having a hard time breastfeeding your baby?

Have you tried everything to help your baby with feeding but they're just so unsettled or not gaining weight so you've made the switch to formula? Or you're still feeding but really doubting your milk supply?

Are you pumping to try and keep giving your baby breastmilk because they are now refusing the breast?

Is pain, cracked nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis making you doubt whether you can continue to breastfeed?

Or, is you baby colicky, unsettled, constipated or refluxy?


This workshop is for YOU, Mama. 

We can see you are doing the very best you can and we're here to provide you with the latest evidence-based information you haven't heard anywhere else!

In this practical workshop that will see you learn:

Why it's not your fault!

That breastfeeding takes two to tango!

That baby's role is crucial, and if they're struggling with function then breastfeeding can be challenging.

And what you can do that'll make a true difference to how your baby is currently feeding, whether breast or bottle!


LIVE ZOOM Meeting -
Wednesday 29th April 2020
9:30AM - 11:00AM


Find out how your baby is functioningwhat could be going wrong and gain the support you need to really make a difference to your child’s feeding.




Your Hosts:

Join your hosts online Dr Amanda Watson (Chiropractor) and Emma Maher (Lactation Consultant and Midwife) from the comfort of your lounge room. Between Dr Amanda and Emma, they have had over 15 years experience working with new babies to improve feeding outcomes.

This workshop is inclusive for ALL Mums AUSTRALIA WIDE; No matter how you are feeding your baby!


The online workshop will run for 1.5 hours

What's included?

  • E-booklet of information from the workshop
  • Online Workshop with the opportunity for questions and answers

Join us for our workshop if:

  • You are struggling physically, emotionally and/or mentally with breastfeeding your new baby
  • You have made the switch to formula feeding because breastfeeding wasn’t working well
  • You’re concerned about your baby’s latch and suck
  • Your baby is having trouble with weight gain, hunger and your milk supply is in question
  • Your baby is suffering reflux, wind pains, colic or constipation
  • You have questions but haven’t found the right answers yet


During this session you will:

  • Learn about the types of suck and how your baby’s suck and latch could be affecting your milk supply and breast (dis)comfort.
  • Find out what has to be working well in the body for your baby to latch, suck and swallow effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn some reasons why your baby may be suffering reflux, wind pain, colic or constipation.
  • Find out what could’ve made early breastfeeding so difficult and might still be causing challenges for your formula fed baby. 



Tickets are $18 and limited to 15 participants.

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