Optimal Maternal Positioning Workshop (Tutorial Style)

Join our host Dr Amanda Watson (Chiropractor and Optimal Maternal Positioning Ambassador)

This incredible series of techniques is all about encouraging optimal balance and alignment of a pregnant woman's pelvis and uterus.

Pelvic alignment and mobility is an important element when you're pregnant. A well aligned pelvis makes for a happy mum and a happy bub during pregnancy and birth!

This has two important effects:

1) Mum is more comfortable during pregnancy (especially those finals weeks!) and

2) Baby is able to move as it needs to during birth helping labour progress efficiently.

Your body is growing a tiny human 🌱and hormonal, physiological and structural changes begin to happen right from the start of pregnancy! As your ligaments relax and your centre of gravity shifts your body has to adapt. Changes to normal biomechanics may result in postural strain syndromes in the shoulders, neck, back, pelvis and pubis.

Pelvic alignment and mobility is important during pregnancy as it allows the ligaments and soft tissues to support the growing uterus well. It's also important for an efficient labour as optimal pelvic alignment allows the mother's pelvis to open effectively as the baby moves through the birth canal.





OMP is about bringing alignment and mobility within the mother's pelvis to facilitate cardinal movements to enable labour to progress.

Some of Dr Amanda's clients have been lucky enough to learn the OMP Alignment Protocol already and have felt the benefits as they prepare for birth.

OMP Alignment Protocol helps to reduce the effects of physical strain on the pelvis and uterine ligaments that can come from a growing baby, long drives and lounging over the holidays and sitting on return to work.

This workshop is perfect for you and your birthing partner, so you can learn the Alignment Protocol to begin physcially preparing your body for birth.

As a couple you'll be sure to walk away feeling empowered with 'something we can do' together to prepare for your baby's birth!

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