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**March Update 2020**
Classes for the time being have been postponed.
We look forward to them beginning again soon & will keep you updated! 

Return To Exercise After Your Baby 

A 6 Week Course for Post-Natal Pelvic Floor & Core Rehab

Held tuesDAY afternoons



You have done it, you have brought a beautiful child into the world. Being pregnant and moving through labour and birthing is often a bigger deal then we anticipated.

Whether you experienced a vaginal birth or c-section your body has transformed. Hormones aided stretching and movement of your pelvis over 9 months, supporting your baby to descend down to the pelvic floor.

Maybe you have experienced urgency during your pregnancy, or perhaps post birth you can feel things have shifted. Perhaps you are a few months post birth and its now things are catching up and you're not feeling as stable as you would like. 

These classes have been specifically designed regardless of your experience and history to support you to come back to  strength. 


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Slow & Gentle Return to Exercise

6 Week Pelvic Floor & Core Rehab

Small group of 9 mothers. Babies welcome.

Gentle 30min Sessions

Join us and 8 Mammas for our Pelvic Floor and Core Rehab classes. Run by our Exercise Physiologist and carefully designed for each participant. 
Regardless of your delivery experience, your body has been transformed and may need some support to return to its strongest state.
Our beautiful clinic is the ideal place to start your post-natal exercise journey. We have ample parking, directly in front of the clinic and once inside we have lots of comfy chairs and pillows for baby feeding.

This is for anyone from 6 weeks post-partum or later that wants to return to exercise slowly and properly. For best results start within 4 months of having you baby, but the class will benefit EVERYONE no matter the age of your child.

The class is very gentle. We learn to engage the pelvic floor and core properly and slowly progress to strengthen a damaged area. so you can handle more dynamic movement patterns.

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Bring your baby & enjoy!

Pick the date that suits you best to begin, then join us weekly for 6 weeks

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The Perfect Place for Mums and Bubs 

The Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre was carefully designed to create the perfect space for mums and bubs to feel comfortable and welcome. The open plan streams with natural light, allowing mothers and small children to integrate with their surroundings.

Warm tea, cool water and lots of comfy chairs and pillows provides an area for new mums to feed their newborns, whilst older children can play with our developmental toys and indulge their creativity in our craft corner!

We have ample parking right out front, nice big doors and pram parking once inside! 

Think of our centre as the perfect community for you and your newborn, to enjoy a class and meet other mums! 

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Health Bumps Group

Post-Natal 6 Week Course only $85

If you are currently under Chiropractic or Naturopathic care in our centre this course will be $60. 
A new 6 week course begins bi-weekly.
Book online now and our team will call to organise payment over the phone & email you your Medical Clearance paperwork. 
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