Primitive Reflexes

What milestones matter

Date: Thursday 25th March 2021
Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Kids of today are moving less than ever before.
What impact does that have on brain development?
How may this effect learning and success at school?




What the workshop will cover

This Primitive Reflexes workshop
will help you understand the link between:

• Poor attention

• Difficulty focusing

• Needing to constantly move

• Certain behaviours

• Difficulty self regulating

• Poor movement patterns

• Clumsiness and much more



About The Workshop

Our evening is about making the complex world of milestones, development and reflexes easy! This class is for parents, teachers, childcare educators & healthcare providers.

Join Dr Bridget Houlden, one of our Chiropractor's here at Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre, to enjoy a hands on evening learning the latest research into the brain and children’s development.

Walk away with a greater understanding of the brain/ body relationship as you build an understanding of different areas of the brain and what they do, identify primitive movement patterns (primitive reflexes) in babies and older children and learn how to optimise communication and connection within the first years of life.

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