Optimal Performance

Teens, Sports Recovery, Injury prevention & Nutrition

Date: Wednesday 2nd October
(School Holidays)

Time: 10:00am to 11:30am

A workshop designed to support your teenager to learn about their body. How it moves, how it copes, how it recovers and what it needs to fuel it long term for optimal performance. 
This interactive workshop is designed to foster daily strategies to keep your teen engaged sport, build resilience, protect against injury in a proactive build strong bodies through nutrition. 
Created for the novice teen sports person & those in more elite levels, this workshop is all about engaging teenagers in decision making and enhancing their knowledge to foster self directed habits to support them during these growing years. 
We encourage parents/coaches to join us for the event as you will learn about your child's body and tips to support them moving forward. 


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What the workshop will cover


Your teen will get to know HOW his/her body is growing and how it relates to their sporting endeavours. We all know the body doesn't grow at the same rate (feet grow before everything!) but how might that impact the body? What are the differences to look out for between boys and girls? How is the spinal developing during the teenage years and how does that impact movement?

Injury Prevention & Resilience

This includes stretching , strengthening, technique, gear. In this workshop your teen will learn what being healthy and strong looks like and feels like. How the key to injury prevention is being in tune with the body and how it works as a whole. 


What are the nutritional needs of a teenager? A teenager who is very active? and a teenager engaging in higher level sporting activities? What is best for recovery?

Common injuries/conditions

There are a number of injuries we see in practice time and time again, what are they? What are the different options to utilise when they pop up and how can we prevent them.


About The Workshop

In this 1.5 hour hands on and interactive workshop your teen will;

  • Walk away with a good understanding of how to support his/her body
  • Practice movements and movement sequences that will help indicate stability and core strength and highlight areas that may need work
  • Understand what his/her body is going through and what changes to expect in the coming years and how to work with those changes
  • Learn different ways to fuel the body and provide adequate nutritional support
  • Understand the common injuries that occur and how to try to avoid them

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