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Lift Off! Tummy Time Workshop

9:30am 20th June, 2024

Making Tummy Time easy and fun for essential brain and body development

Let's make Tummy Time fun...

Tummy Time is one of the most essential activities for infant development - but it’s often talked about as a vague goal without specifics. This workshop is here to help you as a parent:

- Understand the enormous benefits of tummy time for nervous system and spine development
- Learn ways to incorporate tummy time into everyday play for increased tone and movement
- Support steps towards important first milestones

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How much is enough?

As a parent it's so hard to know how much a baby needs, how often it should be done and why some babies might not be enjoying their time on their tummy! 
This workshop is here to help you as a parent understand the enormous benefits of tummy time. Find out about how much time your baby should spend on their tummy, and:
- What to do if your baby hates it
- How to achieve tummy time if they keep rolling
- How to make it fun, functional and varied
- Activities to promote a range of movements to enjoy tummy time at home and on the go

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Who is this workshop for?

- Babies and pre-crawlers
- Parents and carers who want to be proactive and purposeful with play
- You want hands-on support to trouble-shoot difficulties with tummy time
- You want to understand more about how tummy time supports baby’s brain and nervous system development
Our classes respect the normal development of the child, recognising the incredible nature of brain and body development. This workshop has been built to enhance the knowledge and skills of parents to work with their children providing them with the important skills and stimulation for growth and development. 

Lift Off! Tummy Time Workshop

20th June 2024 9:30am - 10:15am

Join the ACCC village! 

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