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Gentle Care for Newborns

Expert Chiropractic Care For Babies

Our centre supports hundreds of newborns every year. Enjoy a practice where every day feels like a welcoming mother's group! Be part of the movement, naturally supporting children to thrive with chiropractic care. 

You're in the right place for your baby

We get it—becoming parents is big! It's even harder when things are more challenging than you expected. Our team is dedicated to being the village and providing the support you need to navigate family life. 

Whether this is your first baby or the latest addition to your family, we welcome you to come along and feel at home.

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Caring For Your Baby

The Nervous System's Role

Every movement, feeding, elimination, sleep, and play session your baby engages in is a testament to the intricate workings of their nervous system and body, highlighting the crucial role it plays in their daily activities. 

Dysfunction often starts from the birthing process

Regardless of how they arrive, being born is a big deal. We offer women post-partum check-ups and newborn care to identify and support any residual stress and strain on their little bodies from birth or their experiences since then. 

Newborn Care at ACCC

You can feel confident bringing your baby to the Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre. Our highly skilled Chiropractors meticulously examine every baby under our care so we can track their progress. We take the time to identify concerns and prioritise educating you, explaining the signs of nervous system stress, imbalance and potential causes of discomfort that your baby might be experiencing.

We are also passionate about neurodevelopment and optimising health outcomes. We pride ourselves on sharing up-to-date information and research and educating you along your journey with the future mind. 

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Parents often identify imbalance and discomfort in their little one

Common Signs Of Imbalance

Head rotation preference sometimes contributing to the development of a flathead

Difficulty with breastfeeding. eg. jaw, neck, shoulder or oral dysfunction.

Unable to lie flat eg. leading to early rolling

Body asymmetry  eg. head tilt, body tilt or banana bend through body

Common Signs of Discomfort

Dislike of car seats, prams or certain positions

Not settling for sleep, seeming wired or on edge, or easily startled and not connecting sleep cycles

Avoidance behaviours eg. avoiding turning head to tender side, or not using one arm properly 

Difficulty with or dislike of tummy time

We're here for the whole family

Yes, we see adults too!

Baby Chiropracti Care

Morning Appointments

We offer extra appointment times during the morning shifts as we find they are best suited for new parents and babies. The centre has changing facilities, comfortable chairs, and feeding pillows for both breast and bottle-feeding. Our team will also hold your baby so you can enjoy your adjustment, too!

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Built For Families

Do you have more than one child and need to bring them along? They are most welcome! Our huge open play area has swings, a climbing rope, building furniture, toys and books. Our incredible team will help toddlers and older children stay occupied with crafts and colouring they can enjoy.

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Meet, Chat, Enjoy & Learn

We understand that, particularly in the early days, a visit to us is your whole day's outing. We welcome you to arrive early, enjoy a hot cup of tea and chat with other mothers. We love seeing parents connect. Our Tummy Time and Rolling to Rocking Classes are also great for learning more ways to support your baby's development.   

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24th August 10am to 230pm 7

Every Baby Is Different

You and your baby are unique in this world. Your preconception journey, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience all play a big role in the health and postpartum experience for you and your baby.

If you still have some questions and you'd love to speak to a Chiropractor prior to booking, simply schedule a free 10min conversation with our with our team here.


Your Feeding Journey

We pride ourselves on exceptional collaboration with local feeding experts. 

Nearly all Australian mums start out breastfeeding (2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey). However, breastfeeding rates rapidly fall in the early weeks (ABA 2024).

While there are many reasons for this drop-off, it's estimated that up to 59% of breastfeeding difficulties are related to the infant themselves having difficulty (1994, Breastfeeding Guide for Medical Professionals). 

Common Physical Findings

Research from 2009, documented a clinical case series of 114 infants with hospital-diagnosed or lactation consultant-diagnosed feeding problems that were supported with Chiropractic in their clinical setting. The most common physical findings included dysfunction of the neck (89%), jaw (TMJ) imbalance (36%) and inadequate suck reflex (34%) (Miller et al, 2009 JMPT).  

This highlights the opportunity to assess structural (joints), muscular (tongue, mouth and neck), and neurological function (coordination of muscles for latch, sucking, swallowing and other reflexes) to truly understand the quality of function of the infant and their role in the breastfeeding experience.

Why Do Parents Choose Chiropractic Care?

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Supporting Babies From Birth

Chiropractic care offers families incredible, natural, hands-on support throughout all stages of your child's life. From newborn, through infancy and beyond. 

Chiropractic care is all about supporting your baby's body to function optimally by focusing on nervous system function. By restoring function, we aim to help your baby reach their innate potential, helping them to achieve things they are designed to do.

Our specific adjustments:

  • restore normal spinal movement
  • provide neurological input to improve the quality of connections between the brain and body
  • This facilitates improved nervous system function & regulation 

Chiropractic care for children has an exemplary safety record (2017, Safe Care Victoria Review). Providing families with peace of mind when looking for natural support for their children. 

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Tongue Ties & Other Oral Tethering

If you have concerns about tethered oral tissues for your baby, you will quickly realise you are heading into a very complex space. 

With research continuing the evolve, parents and clinicians must work hard together to understand the best steps forward for each individual baby and mother. 

Our team recently wrote two blogs (Part 1 and Part 2) titled Frenulums, Fussiness, and Feeding: Understanding Tongue Ties to help parents navigate this space. 

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Does Your Baby's Head Have a Flat Spot?

Some of the risk factors for developing plagiocephaly (flathead syndrome) include neck restriction, torticollis, history of prematurity and being part of a multiple pregnancy (twins and triplets). 

Early detection of neck restriction, torticollis and any asymmetry in headshape is very important. Early care, guidance and management are crucial for optimal outcomes. All infants under our Chiropractor's care have their head shape photographed and cranium measured as part of our thorough approach to care and dedication to long-term health outcomes. 

To learn more about Plagiocephaly please enjoy our blog linked below.  

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