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Primitive Reflexes Workshop

7:00pm 8th May, 2024

Unlocking Learning Potential Through Movement and Brain-Based Strategies

If your child has retained Primitive Reflexes, they work harder than they should!

Dive Deeper into Primitive Reflexes and Their Influence on Your Child

Is your child's development on track? Many factors contribute to a child's journey; sometimes, primitive reflexes can play a surprising yet pivotal role.

Move beyond the Building Blocks!

Our Primitive Reflexes workshop delves into the fascinating world of primitive reflexes – those essential movements present at birth that, with optimal development, integrate and pave the way for future brain development.

Explore why these reflexes are essential in infancy, how they work in the brain, and how they are supposed to mature and integrate. Research continues to evolve, helping us understand that if Primitive Reflexes remain retained beyond their natural timeframe, they can influence your child's:

- Learning: Focus, attention, and processing information
- Movement: Coordination, balance, and motor skills
- Behaviour: Emotional regulation, social interaction, and self-awareness

This makes learning, developing and engaging in their world harder than it should be!

What's in this workshop?

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Body-up strategies for brain development

In our workshop, we delve deep into the importance of integration and the impact of unintegrated primitive reflexes across various domains. This is important to understand bottom-up developmental outcomes

Signs and Symptoms

Uncover the telltale signs and symptoms indicating persistent primitive reflexes, from motor coordination challenges to difficulties in attention and learning.

Testing Techniques

Learn effective assessment methods and tools to accurately identify primitive reflex patterns and their implications for overall development.

Treatment Strategies

Discover simple approaches aimed at integrating primitive reflexes, fostering neurological maturity, and enhancing cognitive and motor skills.
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About your speaker

Dr Jacey Pryjma is the director of the Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre and is renowned as a charismatic and captivating clinician and speaker. She is one of only a few dual-titled Advanced Paediatric Chiropractors in Australia and is a sought-after presenter in Australia and overseas. With over 15 years of industry experience and 12 years of experience presenting topics about childhood development, primitive reflexes and optimising children’s quality of life through natural nervous system-based approaches.


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Who is this workshop for?

 This workshop is for those who want to learn more about nervous system function and health and understand practical ways to support brain development by working with primitive reflexes. 

Are you an allied health professional, teacher, educator, or parent?

Join us as we review, share and develop your knowledge about primitive reflexes, their impact on all facets of development and the simple strategies you can start at home or in the class. 

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Primitive Reflexes

May 8th 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join us and be prepared to be wowed! Limited spots available. 

Join the ACCC village! 

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