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Treetops Story and Craft

Wednesday 9:30am 4th September, 2024


Holistic stories and craft, treasured moments together

Beautiful books, inspired craft and special moments

Join us for a fun morning of book reading and craft for you and your child. Our books and craft are themed to help inspire and empower your child to enjoy play and connection in our beautiful free community event.

For ages 2 to 6 years

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Foundations For Life 

A new book and matching craft is handpicked to be read by our enchanted CA team. All of our themes are featured around living a holistic life through educating mindfulness, slow living, health and the beauties of nature. 

Become an Eco-warrior

Our children are tomorrow's ambassadors for our planet and their future health and wellness. Our role as an educator and parents is to help teach kids about the importance of preserving our amazing planet, as well as caring for it and ourselves. 

Through the power of books, stories and play we can help shape our kids to be the positive leaders needed for their tomorrow. 

The Power Of Creativity

Children love to explore, play and create. Creativity through craft is an essential tool in their self-development to help them evolve and express themselves openly judgement-free. Creativity is known to help express your feelings which can help you as a parent learn more about what your child needs and loves. 


In the 45 minutes you are here in our treetops, your child will practice stillness and empowerment,  through a reading. Your child will then explore and get creative with themed crafts.

  • Enjoy a fulfilling morning with play and self-expression
  • Get down and messy with craft and leave the cleanup to us
  • Empower your child through holistic learning and education
  • Help encourage your child to be a lover of books and stories 
  • Safe welcoming environment that your child will love exploring and getting involved
  • Meet parents and other kids that are like minded

Treetops Story and Craft

Wednesday 4th September, 2024 9:30am - 10:15am

Join the ACCC village!