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Pregnancy Care

Experienced Hands-On Support

Join our extensive community of women caring for their bodies during pregnancy, preparing for birth naturally, and being supported in motherhood. 

Feel Confident with Knowledgable Support

The team at the Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre will guide you from preconception care right through to the fourth trimester and beyond. Providing care and support as your body changes and your baby grows.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care - Navigating Body Changes

Navigating your Changing Body

Posture changes, hormone surges, belly growth and new sensations are all part of the pregnancy journey. Despite all of this, it is not normal to be in pain! As your body adapts and changes, it will tell you when things are out of alignment and under strain. We help you learn to listen to your body, navigate those changes and proactively support you before larger issues arise. 

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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care - Pelvic Alignment & Birth Preparation

Pelvic Alignment & Birth Preparation

Our Chiropractors are trained to evaluate pelvic alignment and how it relates to the soft tissues that attach to it, including those that attach to the uterus. We use the Webster Technique, among other pregnancy-specific techniques. Our goal is balance, optimal maternal positioning and supporting your brain/body communication to be optimal ready for birth. 

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Chiropractic Pregnancy Care - Holistic Post-Partum Support

Holistic Post-Partum Support

Pregnancy care is just part of the picture for a thriving family unit on the other side of birth. Preparing for your post-partum period is just as important! Our team are passionate about increasing awareness of the fourth trimester and the care mother and baby need during this time. We help you learn about your nervous system's role in supporting your whole family to thrive post partum. 

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Why Chiropractic Care?


Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care offers women incredible hands-on support throughout all stages of pregnancy. From conception, the three trimesters of pregnancy, labour preparation, and right through to nurturing fourth-trimester wellness.

Chiropractic care is all about supporting your body to naturally function optimally, which is important during pregnancy.

Our specific adjustments

  • restore normal spinal and pelvic movement
  • provide neurological input to improve the quality of connections between the brain and body
  • This facilitates improved nervous system function & regulation 
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We can't wait to work with you! You can book an appointment by contacting us, or if you have questions, book a call with our team to chat first.

What is your body telling you?

Although pain is not ideal and disruptive to life,  it is not the problem! Pain is your body's message that something underneath needs attention. We help you find the functional cause for long-term change so you can enjoy your pregnancy. 

Neck Pain in Pregnancy & Post-partum

The postural adaptations that occur during pregnancy and then during the postpartum period are vast. The head moves forward to counterbalance the weight shifts felt through the pelvis. As your belly grows, your pelvis tilts forward, changing your weight distribution. Your body is designed to cope with these changes. Neck pain indicates dysfunction or imbalance that is being highlighted by the body changes in pregnancy. 

Then, once your baby arrives, they will be in your arms constantly! Holding them up on your shoulder to burp, breastfeeding, and simply looking down at your child constantly places additional stress on the neck. If there is spinal dysfunction underneath, with these new stressors, you may feel neck pain during pregnancy and/or during post-partum. Your body is clever, it lets you know things are under stress and strain. Our Chiropractors work with many new mothers and help them navigate the neck pain and headaches that may result from pregnancy strains on an imbalanced body. 

Back & Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

As your baby grows, there is additional stress on your spine and pelvis. This will be reflected in your posture and may exacerbate underlying spinal and pelvic dysfunction.  Just like in the non-pregnancy population, chiropractic care may help you reduce back pain by restoring optimal function to the spine and nervous system. 

As your baby grows, your pelvis will start to change thanks to the pregnancy hormones and expansion of tissues around your baby. Your ligaments will lengthen, and you may find that you feel very different when you sit, stand, move and bend.

Our chiropractors have extensive collective knowledge supporting you and the specific changes that occur during all trimesters of pregnancy. During our Pregnancy Assessments, we will look at your pelvic alignment and how it relates to the soft tissues attached to it, including the ligaments that attach to the uterus. We use the Webster Technique along with other pregnancy-specific techniques and adjustments that adapt and modify through every stage of pregnancy. 

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