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Rolling to Rocking Workshop

9:30am 24th July, 2024 

The essential milestones leading to crawling for ages 4+ months

Crawling is one of the most important milestones for brain development....

 Before your child begins crawling, there are important milestones to master first: rolling both ways, kneeling play and all four rocking! This practical and hands-on workshop introduces a range of easy-to-action play activities to support your child’s brain and body development through these important stages as they progress to crawling.

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In this workshop you will:

- Learn what is happening in the brain as your child develops their stability and mobility
 - Understand the complex pattern of rolling and why this matters to crawling
- Discover ways to integrate essential movement

patterns in everyday play at home
- Identify difficulties early with quick go-to  options to help your infant's progress

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Who is this workshop for?

- Your baby is 4 months and over
- You want to be proactive and purposeful with play
- Your baby is just learning to roll, and you want to support their next stages of development
- Your baby is of crawling age, but not quite crawling properly

Enjoy this interactive workshop with your infant whilst you learn to play in a way built for learning! 

If you loved our Tummy Time workshop Lift Off, you will really love this class! Just like tummy time, crawling plays an important roll in supporting optimal brain connection and development.

Rolling to Rocking Workshop

Wednesday 24th July, 2024 9:30am - 10:15am 

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