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Young Athlete Assessments

Unlock the power of their potential with goal-orientated Chiropractic Care right here in Newcastle.


Young Athlete Assessment

Is your child a dedicated or emerging young athlete? Whether they're on the soccer field, the gymnastics mat, or the basketball court. Keeping them healthy and performing at their best is a top priority. 

At its peak, the teenage spine can grow 10cm-15 cm per year. This can make coordination, concentration, balance, and posture challenging for young people.

This is also when pre-teens and teens develop their passion for sports and physical goals leading to more intense activity and practice. 

At ACCC we're here to support their best on and off the field. Book a Young Athlete's Assessment and unlock their full athletic and health potential!

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We're here to support your Young Athlete in gaining peak performance on the field and creating optimal function off the field, too!

 Before and after school appointment times now available...
 Before and after school appointment times now available...
 Before and after school appointment times now available... 

Young Athlete  assessments include

Growing bodies are susceptible to imbalances and injuries that can hinder performance and lead to pain down the road. Our comprehensive assessment focuses on five key areas, all of which have been linked to athletic performance and injury risk in young athletes:


Neurological Assessment

Our neurological assessments review how accurately your young athlete's brain and body communicate for optimal control and responsiveness. 

Your young athlete will enjoy a review of:

  • Their Neurological reflexes
  • Muscle isolation and strength testing
  • Cranial nerve assessment (helps us understand brainstem function)
  • Eye tracking and control
  • Vestibular Cerebellar testing

Optimal neurological function is essential for coordination, balance, and reaction times.  


Postural Assessment

Our postural assessment looks for imbalances in the body and in turn, brain development and function.

  • Review postural balance
    • head, eyes, shoulders, hips, knees and feet
  • Scoliosis Screening
  • Look for key brain imbalances that affect muscle tone and posture
Good posture aligns the spine and the limbs to help athletes coordinate movement more effectively and efficiently. Poor posture can throw off an athlete's balance, affecting performance and endurance and increasing the risk of injury. 

Spinal Health Assessment

The Spinal Health Assessment looks at the optimal function of each vertebrae of the spine and their relationship with the ones above and below.

Research continues to support the role chiropractic care plays in the sporting arena, with many high-performance athletes engaging in chiropractic care as part of their approach to optimisation and high performance, thanks to the neurological impacts. 

With research indicating improvements areas such as

  • Musculoskeletal function
  • Reduced pain
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Overall health


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Musculoskeletal Assessment

Our musculoskeletal assessment looks at identifying any muscle weakness, tightness, or joint dysfunction that could limit mobility and increase injury risk

Athletes need to achieve excellent movement patterns that are even and well-controlled.

This is important for efficient energy expenditure, injury prevention, force, and speed.


Functional Movement Session

The functional movement assessments are completed with your Young Athletes preferred sport in mind. This 30min assessment is completed 1:1 with our Exercise Expert, where further assessment of elements such as

  • Proprioception & Balance
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Complex Core Stability 
  • and much more

On and Off-the-Field Performance

What does being able to concentrate in the classroom AND exhibit exceptional sports skills on the field have in common? 
Cohesive communication between the growing body and brain can make all the difference for both! When health care is interactive, educational and empowering, engagement increases.
We want to support your young athlete to learn about how their body works best, their unique set up for optimal health, and how to leverage this knowledge to gain results for their education and sports goals.
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Book a Young Athlete Assessment

We're ready to welcome your teen and family to ACCC. Before and after school appointment hours available.

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We look forward to supporting your young athlete to achieve their best!

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