A new journey

Pregnancy - what an amazing stage of life. Pregnancy is transformational both physically and emotionally. We move from being completely independent to a new state of shared existence. For all women the journey is unique.

The team at Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre will guide you from preconception care right through to the fourth trimester and beyond. Providing care and support as your body changes and your child grows.

We understand that growing a baby is tough work!

As your body’s hormones change so does your brain and physiology. You brain goes through significant remodelling that persists for at least two years after birth!

That means your whole nervous system in shifting and growing, while your connective tissue is relaxing.

Your posture changes, your hips widen, both stretching and challenging your body. Perhaps you have had history of back or neck pain and you can feel it more as your body changes. Or perhaps you’re looking at ways to support yourself holistically through your pregnancy.

Our team is here to support you.


Caring for you

We recognise that with information, support and the right tools pregnancy can be easier. You can learn how to embrace the change and then further nourish yourself and your growing baby. Our chiropractors use a combination of gentle techniques to support your body through pregnancy. This may support to ease pregnancy symptoms by supporting optimal alignment and balance of your body.



Your pelvis will start to change thanks to the pregnancy hormones. Your ligaments will stretch, and you may find that you feel very different when you sit, stand, move and bend. As part of an assessment your Chiropractor will look at your pelvic alignment and how it relates to the soft tissues that attach to it.

During the assessment we will also review your leg reflexes to help us understand if the nervous system is stressed. Then we will look at your pelvic stability by reviewing how quickly and accurately the muscles in your legs contract when challenged. This helps us review why you may be feeling any musculoskeletal pains.

Back Pain 

As your baby grows, there is additional stress on your spine. This will be reflected in your posture and may exacerbate back pain.  Just like in the non-pregnancy population, chiropractic care may support you to reduce back pain. Our chiropractors know how to modify care to support you during all trimesters of pregnancy.


Following up with your chiropractor postpartum will allow you to understand how your body has changed during pregnancy and after delivery. Whether you have delivered vaginally or via c-section our Chiropractors will be able to work with you in a way that makes you feel safe and supported. Holding and feeding you baby places on going stress on your spine.


The postural adaptations that occur during pregnancy and then during the post-partum period are vast. A woman’s head will move forward to counterbalance the weight shifts felt through the pelvis.  As your belly grows, your pelvis will tilt forward changing your weight distribution.

Once your baby arrives, they will be in your arms constantly. Holding them up on your shoulder to burp, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and simply looking down at your child constantly places additional stress on the neck. You may feel neck pain during pregnancy and during post-partum. Our Chiropractors work with many new mothers and help them navigate this postpartum period.


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Not quite sure if chiropractic is right for your family member? Our practice director Dr Jacey Pryjma offers 15 min complimentary phone consultations for new families.

Take the opportunity to ask the questions you have before making an appointment. Find out if chiropractic and Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre may be just what you have been searching for. 

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