Research is extremely important in health care.

It is important to know and understand all elements of practice. Research comes in many shapes and sizes and can only happen with dedicated researchers and practitioners who participate in studies.

Our centre is proud to share office space with Well Kids, an Australian company dedicated to supporting chiropractors to document the quality of life improvements kids make under care.

Our chiropractors use the Well Kids program as part of the assessment and reporting methods for children under chiropractic care in our practice. By engaging our services, you are also accepting the use of Well Kids as a third-party application that will support the chiropractic industry to produce more research based on the retrospective non-identifying data gathered in the practice.

For more information on Well Kids and how your child’s privacy is maintained, and our security please read the appropriate statements.




We pride ourselves on supporting the next generation of Chiropractors. Dr Jacey Pryjma prioritises teaching the chiropractic students to further skills in chiropractic care for children.

Our centre is proud to be supporting the next generation of chiropractors to upskill in chiropractic care for neonates, infants, small children and teenagers. Chiropractic students are a welcome addition to our centre and are often present observing and learning from our Chiropractors.

Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre is registered with Central Queensland University as a University Chiropractic Student Placement Centre.

If you are a student who would like to observe at our centre, please contact us:


Call our centre +612 49 156 640

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If you are a chiropractor and would like further information about Well Kids

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