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Autumn Celebration: Acacia Play at ACCC

Saturday 1-3pm 25th May, 2024

Join us for a beautiful afternoon for children as we celebrate the seasons through craft, music, movement and connection

Celebrate the seasons with meaningful movement, craft, music and connection

We are so excited to welcome the wonderful team from Acacia Play to ACCC! This is a special event for your children to enjoy some of the beautiful holistic activities offered at Acacia Play right here at the practice in Warners Bay.

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About Acacia Play

Acacia Play nurtures future generations love for the world around them through holistic experiences inspired by nature and the principles of permaculture. Each session at Acacia Play is forever unique and moves naturally through the seasons to honour and create a greater awareness of the natural cycles of life. 

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Gathering offering

  • Acknowledgement
  • Morning verse
  • Autumn Mindful movement
  • Nature experience - leaf bowls or Autumn crowns
  • Creating apple spirals with sprinkle of cinnamon on them to enjoy - Through the use of apples we can explore the patterns within nature, seasons and that of ourselves
  • Leaf rubbing experience set up for children to come and go
  • Make a cup of herbal tea to enjoy that we have forged from the farm, a seasonal book + autumn verse

Autumn Celebration: Acacia Play at ACCC

Saturday 25th May 1-3pm

Join the ACCC village!