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We have two different types of roles available at Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre. 

- Senior Chiropractor with post graduate training in care for children

- New & Recent Graduate Positions (learn more here)

Work in one of the most creative and unique centres in Australia, the Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre. Located in Newcastle NSW.

Adjust babies, children, teens, pregnant women and their family members in a centre built specifically for families to grow and thrive. This is either full-time or part-time position.




The Next Step of your Career Path

You have developed an incredible passion for working with children and are looking for that next step in practice.

You're at that time in your career where it's about making strategic decisions for your next level of learning or study, or up-levelling your clinical approach in practice to be an even higher level.

Over the years you have been to some incredible seminars. You may have a thousand ideas of what you would love to achieve in practice, ideas to finally implement or programs and educations to create. Perhaps you crave giving back and mentoring younger colleagues or providing community outreach in a balanced way. Or balancing family life is your priority right now.

At ACCC we work with each Chiropractor 1:1 to build and develop a role that is sustainable, dynamic, personalised and engaging. 

Regardless of your years in practice, we always accomplish more together as a team. We are after that incredible human who is excited to contribute beautifully to our teams mission and bring wonderful value to the families we care for. 

Your Induction & Training

During the first few months Dr Jacey Pryjma our director will welcome and support you in your transition your to our practice. Combining your extensive knowledge and teaching you the Well Kids program and recording methods, you will feel an enhanced level of documentation and tracking of progress. 

Our practice has an exceptional reputation thanks to our detailed approach and excellence in results.  We are often booked out weeks in advance for new families to join the practice. 

Developing your career

As part of our commitment to your long term progression, we sit down to help you to identify your top priorities and goals in your career. As you have already committed time and energy in paediatric training our goal is to help you carve out a career that brings that sparks. It may include mentoring, leadership roles, creative endeavours or family/life balance. 

We will continually revisit these goals just as we do with the children we care for, celebrate wins and set new goals as we move forward together. We aim for sustainability but also incredible growth both professionally and personally. 

We will also help you further develop your education and practice building opportunities (you may not need it!). 

You will really enjoy having a centre that can cater for all your practice needs. Our centre has been created to be able to educate families of the Hunter in a collaborative child friendly atmosphere.

Amazing Opportunity

Our centre offers an incredible opportunity including;
  • Full mentoring through systematic objective measurements for children of all ages
  • Full clinical support/collaboration on all care provided
  • Ongoing career mentoring
  • Opportunity to design, develop and run educative workshops for the community with full admin/marketing support
  • Highly motivated and committed team that will continue to help you drive your success.


The Practice highlights

ACCC has two closed rooms for long appointments, open plan adjusting areas, workshop room for hosting events and classes, a boardroom for meetings and small training events.

Engage yourself in our centre that holds workshops and events under a starry night sky, adjust children while siblings swing on the swings or play in our rock pillows. With plenty of parking, beautiful amenities including a shower for staff it provides the most comfortable place for your chiropractic career.

Qualities For Success
The qualities we are after include;
  • Loves working with an engaging team and enthusiastic to support the team to achieve their goals
  • Wonderful bed side manner with families, warm, engaging, friendly
  • Highly motivated and an attitude of always learning
  • Driven by personal passion and goals
  • Values strong communication and practices it
  • Attention to detail in documentation
  • Desire to enjoy the ease of a systematic approach to complexity of working with children of all ages so you can concentrate on their success and you both having fun!
  • A real passion for Chiropractic







Our centre is located between two 96 place childcare centres, next to large dance school, a Children’s OT, Speech Pathologist and Children’s Psychologist businesses. Making our location a hub that is all about children’s health and wellness.
Newcastle is a fantastic place to live and work. The ease of living while having everything you need, gorgeous beaches AND bring a short drive to Sydney makes Newcastle a highly sort after location for young professionals and families alike.

If working with children is your passion and your future, and you just cannot see yourself doing anything else, then this opportunity is for you.

chat before you apply?

We understand that you may have more questions about this role or whether you are the right person for it. Thats why we are offering you the chance to have a casual (and confidential) quick chat over the phone with Dr Jacey, so you can get any questions answered before you apply.

Simply click on the button below to find a suitable time and book your call with Dr Jacey.

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To apply for a role at Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre please send a short video (5min max) or cover letter about yourself an expression of interest for a position to:

Please include in your

  • Information about your paediatric training
  • Why you would be the perfect addition to our team
  • Your personal goals as a chiropractor who works specifically with children.

If you chose to do a video, please note it is reviewed on content, not on creativity. As simple video of you talking to the camera is all we are after. 

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