3 Year Advanced Paediatric Training & Mentoring Program

Applications now open for Feb 2025 co-hort

Applications are now open for the 3 Year Advanced Paediatric Training & Mentoring Program at Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre (ACCC), Warners Bay NSW. 

Extensive Mentoring & Advanced Training

Join the team at ACCC as a practising chiropractor and enjoy our extensive 3 year advanced training & mentoring program curated to fast-track your learning, integrate expert teaching, and provide hands-on support in practice. 

This three-year training & mentoring program has been created in collaboration with Well Kids Program and Chiropaeds’ Diplomate of Chiropractic Paediatrics.

Valued at over $25,000 per year



Gain Clinical Mastery

Stay at the forefront of advancements in research and clinical updates while caring holistically for families.

While you study and practice with us you will develop:

  • Excellent understanding of normal stages and ages of childhood development
  • Extensive understanding of neuro-development and its impact on quality of life
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Exceptional examination skillset
  • Neuro-developmental focus for children
  • Holistic Pregnancy Care
  • Adjusting focus/protocols for every stage
  • Appropriate condition management - incl framework of latest research, protocols & referral systems
  • Family engagement and education strategies

Gain Personal Mastery

Our Advanced Training Mentor Program combines leadership development with innovation in the paediatric chiropractic care setting.

  • Enjoy mentoring for personal growth, development and personal mastery
  • Learn our holistic approach to planning career goals and achievements
  • Focus on finding your perfect day/week in practice
  • Develop your unique marketing strategies with your dedicated team to see more of the families that interest you
  • Working towards unique career pathways, including;
    • Future mentoring opportunities
    • Marketing & social media roles
    • Events & workshop creation



For Chiropractors Striving for Excellence

Advancement in research and clinical knowledge brings exceptional opportunities for Chiropractors to transform the lives of children under care. The difficulty comes from translating the learned knowledge from courses available into daily practical systems. 

Exceptional skills and outcomes in practice come from repetition, developing skills and gaining feedback from mentors and consistent application of research into day-to-day practice. This usually takes around 10 years+ for practitioners.

Our 3-year Advanced Training & Mentor Program was created to fast-track Chiropractors in three ways;

  1. Providing you with an incredible practice where you adjust babies, children and teens all day. You will see more babies in one week than many chiropractors see in 6 months. 
  2. Active Mentoring & Training every week to advance both Clinical and Personal Mastery
  3. Coaching through the Chiropaeds program and active integration of the latest research into clinical protocols, systems and education

Imagine being in a role where your study and training were integrated into your work week.  Where you were able to collaborate with leaders in care for children, learning under their leadership and then adjust day to day in a practice filled with babies, children & teens.

Your First Year

During the first year, you will focus on skill acquisition in examination skills, adjusting skills, care management and communication. You will also be following Year 1 of the Diplomate of Chiropractic Paediatrics course (paid by us!).

  • Enjoy 2 hours of weekly mentoring and CPD course and hands-on material
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • Unlimited clinical support and mentorship for care management & clinical application
  • Extensive access to industry leaders and additional clinical content exclusive to our program
  • Paid study hours & Chiropaeds course content support

Your Second Year

The second year builds upon your care management skills, with higher-level knowledge and skill development in supporting children’s health while also moving into more community-based education programs building your skills as a presenter and skilled communicator. You will also be following Year 2 of the Diplomate of Chiropractic Paediatrics Course.

Your Third Year

The final year of our program moves into mentoring and team leadership skills, where you will be supporting the next generation of chiropractors as they move through their 1st year in the program. The structured development of your mentorship and leadership skills will continue to provide exceptional personal growth, furthering your career.




Do you have questions?

We understand that we are offering something incredibly unique and different and you may have more questions about this exciting opportunity. That is why we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Have all of your questions answered, or just find out if this role is suitable for you before you apply.

Get in touch now


1. Is it a full-time or part-time position?

The position is a full-time chiropractic associate role, which includes a schedule of mentoring, study, training and coaching, administration, and your practising hours.

2. What would be the salary range for this position?

The salary package range depends on years of experience.

  • We pay for ChiroPaeds for the two years (valued at 12k+)
  • We also invest heavily in your development with dedicated training, mentoring and coaching. This is worth another 25K+ over two years.
  • The full package is worth over $100,000/pa
  • In addition, we offer a rewards schedule (bonus) on top. This is available after the end of the probationary period
  • We aren’t all about numbers, your salary growth reflects your personal and professional progression in your skill development.

3. Is the position and training to be commenced in Feb 2025?

Chiropaeds begins in Feb 2025. So that is the latest start date for the associate role.  An earlier start date is helpful as allows associates to get settled into practice, systems, procedures, and adjusting techniques, before adding study.  


Ready to Apply?

Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants must:

  1. Be a registered Chiropractor or a 5th year student who is available to start at ACCC in Warners Bay between Feb 2025.
  2. New (2025) or recent graduate chiropractor with 1 to 5 years experience
  3. Has not completed the DCCP with Chiropaeds (if you have, consider applying for the Senior Chiropractor & Mentor role here)
  4. Absolute passion for chiropractic care and really excited to develop skills to be a leader in care for children
  5. Show evidence of interest in chiropractic care for children through observations, seminars or personal research
  6. Incredibly diligent and committed to your studies! We have so much awesome content to cover - a thirst for learning is essential! 


Applications Open Now

To apply for a role at Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre please send a short video (5min max) and cover letter about yourself an expression of interest for a position throughthe form below. If files are too large, please send directly to jacey@childrenschiropractic.com.au

Please include in your application:

  • Information about your chiropractic education & work/study ethic
  • Why you would be the perfect addition to our team and how you would make the most of this opportunity - make sure you research us first!
  • Your personal goals as a chiropractor who works specifically with children

Please note your video is reviewed on content, not on creativity. A simple video of you talking to the camera is all we are after. 

Application Form