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Dr Jacey Pryjma

Dr Jacey Pryjma
Chiropractor & Practice Director

Jacey Pryjma is a chiropractor who is passionate and active in the industry. She has dedicated her career to working with children & supporting women through their pregnancy. 

Jacey served the NSW Chiropractor's Associate Board from 2010 to 2012. She was part of the media team for Spinal Health week, representing the profession on national television and radio and continues to work hard for the profession when called upon. She is currently holds a position on the board of College of Chiropractic Paediatrics. The industry representing board for chiropractors who have a special interest in working with children.

Jacey teaches industry recognized seminars to chiropractors about examination skills & best practice recommendations for children. She also developed software for chiropractors that is part of the Well Kids Program, focused on increased standards of care, documentation & reporting systems based on functional change and measuring quality of life in children.

She is innovative, dedicated and very friendly, making all families welcome and supporting children to feel comfortable at all times. 

Amanda Watson

Dr Amanda Watson

Amanda Watson is incredibly passionate about chiropractic. Her focus in practice has been to better understand how children’s bodies function and the steps the nervous system goes through as a child grows. Amanda has enjoyed working in strong family focused practices in Sydney, Newcastle and Gunnedah and looks forward to joining the team at Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre.

Amanda’s passion grew into a new education based business called Empowering Mums in 2015. Through Empowering Mums Amanda provides tools parents can implement at home to help their child thrive. As a mum to gorgeous Asher (born early 2016) Amanda is able to easily communicate to new mums.

Amanda has focused her post-graduate training on paediatric chiropractic. She is currently completing her Diplomate of Chiropractic Paediatric Neurodevelopment.

Amanda brings her knowledge as a chiropractor, the teachings from Empowering Mums and her post-graduate training to the families of the Hunter. 

Dr Samantha Rushton

Dr Samantha is our New Zealand Chiropractor who has been working upstairs behind the scenes on Well Kids with us over the past year. We are so excited that she is now at the forefront in our growing Chiropractic team and is adjusting our families in the centre.

Dr Sam has 4 young children of her own & she is also married to a Chiropractor. She is passionate about education and has post-graduate training in Paediatrics from NZ. 

Dr Melissa Pope

Dr Melissa Pope is a passionate chiropractor with a strong desire and dedication to educating, empowering and nurturing the growth and neuro-development of children and their families through Chiropractic care. 
Melissa’s love of learning and commitment to ensuring babies and children are given the best opportunity to a happy and healthy life.
Melissa joins us from sunny Queensland is excited to become a part of the team at the Australian Children’s Chiropractic Centre, as well as being inspired by the curious and creative minds of the families of Newcastle."

YOUR HEALTH Professionals



Kate is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Health Educator and Speaker, with a passion for empowering people to heal their bodies and change their lives using food and nature as medicine. She is inspired by the tremendous need for education and understanding of the body – both on an individual and global level. 
In her busy practice in Sydney, Kate combines naturopathic philosophy, with scientific knowledge and functional testing to provide a fully integrated, personalised and holistic approach to health and wellness. We are very lucky to have her now practicing in Newcastle at ACCC.  She is a health detective, and is driven to support people in finding answers to their previously unsolvable health concerns.
Kate works with all areas of health and wellness, but her specific areas of passion include women's health and hormones, fertility and preconception care, pregnancy & kids health and wellness. She has also taken on her most important and exciting role as a mum to her baby boy Jude, born in September 2018, and is so excited to share her wisdom and experience from this special time.



Lisa Mason is thrilled to be able to offer the latest information in Naturopathy & Nutrition for growing families in the community. Having raised 2 children, Lisa has personal experience with this process and understands that well all want the best for our children to grow and be their best!
Encompassing all aspects of health from a holistic Naturopathic perspective, from helping families with day to day choices, allergies, intolerances, identifying any vitamin or mineral deficiencies to strengthening body systems. As well as bringing all the latest information.

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