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We recognise that it can be daunting heading to a class with your baby when you don't know everyone there! Its also lovely to learn things as a group so sleep deprivation doesn't mean you forget the information provided (although you do get handouts with all the information)!

Our workshop is the perfect activity for your mothers group. Held on Wednesday mornings at 11am in our centre here in Warners Bay, join Dr's Jacey, Amanda & Sam to learn about baby development in a fun and easy manner. Practice new ways to achieve tummy time even when you're traveling!

About our Workshop

We respect the normal development of the child, recognising the incredible nature of brain and body development. Our classes have been built to enhance the knowledge and skills of parents to work with their children providing them with the important skills and stimulation for growth and development. 

Build upon skills you have learnt at Baby Sensory, Gymbaroo and other incredible programs. Each class is run by a Chiropractor who can help you understand the ins and outs of childhood development. This class is for parents who want to take their knowledge to the next level to help their children thrive. It is also perfect for parents who are after support to trouble-shoot difficulties and have questions as to how best to move forward.

Lift Off! Making Tummy Time Easy

Classes Booked On Request 

Your baby’s brain grows and develops in the most wonderful ways thanks to stimulating playtime you do with them. During the first three years of life the connections being made will help move them through to the next stages of development. Tummy time is one of the most essential and foundation activities in infancy but it’s often talked about as a vague goal without specifics so you know you are doing enough. 

As a parent its so hard to know how much a baby needs, how often it should be done and why some babies might not be enjoying their time on their tummy! 

This workshop is here to help you as a parent understanding the enormous benefits of tummy time.

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How Much Is Enough?

In this workshop you will learn how much time your baby should be on their tummy.

  • What to do if your baby hates it
  • How to achieve tummy time if they keep rolling
  • How to make it fun, function and varied

Its hard to keep up with all the 'should do's' in parenting. This class helps you prioritise and feel successful.

WHY tummy time is essential?

Tummy time is known to be really important for;
  • For developmental goals
  • To supporting good tone development
  • To support energy expenditure during wake times to encourage better sleep
  • As part of basic prevention of flat heads (plagiocephaly)
  • As part of recommendations for current plagiocephaly

In this class you will learn why!

How To Make A Mothers Group Bookings 

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Run on a Wednesday morning from 9:30am to 10:15, once you enter your details below, we can email you with the dates available. 


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Our happy Parents!

Thank you for such a wonderful morning! 
We learnt a lot and Master A had lots of fun! 
I'm looking forward to future courses, especially since there is so much to learn  - 
Mel with Baby A


Such a lovely morning learning about all the benefits of tummy time and how to make it enjoyable for all! - Kristy with Baby M


We had a great time yesterday, and Miss I managed to settle her cluster feeding down overnight (and also had some much needed long sleeps!) - coincidence?!
I learnt a few new activities that will hopefully make tummy time a happier and more enjoyable time, so thank you! We will be back ❤️ - Candice with Baby I