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Exercise Sessions Building Brains & Bodies

Integrating Primitive Reflexes, Building Postural Strength, Developing Gross Motor, Co-ordination & Balance, and so much more!

The brain needs body movement to thrive

Fun & Dynamic Sessions

Movement is crucial for the brain's development. At the Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre, we take a holistic, whole-brain approach to learning and development. Whether your child is recommended to book our exercise sessions as part of their Chiropractic Care or you want to get your child moving independently, these fun small group and 1:1 sessions will bring excitement, variety, and progression to your child's development needs!

Sessions are available for children as young as 6 months to work on key areas of development. 

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We help your child work on

Primitive Reflexes Integration

Primitive reflexes are automated reflexes that are present in infancy. When they stick around they can play a role in difficulties with social and emotional development, gross motor, fine motor, eye tracking, coordination and more. 

Posture Development

By working on postural tone and strength, the exercise sessions target key areas in a fun and dynamic way that allows kids to enjoy the session, feeling engaged and accomplished in their achievements and progression. 

Muscle tone & Strength

A child's muscle tone develops thanks to a complex brain and body communication and strengthening series. The exercise sessions at ACCC are working to build body and brain strength to support muscle tone development. 


Interoception is the ability to feel one's internal state. Feeling hunger, thirst, the need for  food, toileting, safety, pain, hot, cold, itchy and so much more. Interoception is linked to right brain development. Our exercise sessions can take more of a right-brain building approach working towards this. 

Balance & Proprioception

Balance is achieved with great feedback from the body and co-ordination of movement and stability thanks to great brain communication. Our exercise sessions have fun, dynamic and engaging ways to practice the building blocks to balance!

Coordination & Gross/Fine Motor

When appropriate postural strength, muscle tone, and the integration of primitive reflexes are addressed, we can then work on building coordination and gross and fine motor skills. This is where the magic happens in the exercise sessions! They are really fun, and parents want to join in too!

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Individual 30min Session

Are you new to our practice? If this is your first time booking an exercise session AND your child is not under chiropractic care at ACCC, please book the 30-minute session here. This allows Hannah to assess and understand your child's current level of function and design your individualised programs.

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Individual 30 min & 60min Session

Enjoy an Individual Session to build and strengthen skills and development.

The 60min sessions are great for older children and those who plan to use their NDIS* funding. *Self managed only.  

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15min Progression Session

These 15min sessions are a fabulous way to progress on your home exercises provided by your Chiropractor.  The 15min sessions may be shared with one other child, making it fun! We aim to pair kids with similar age groups. If your child isn't under Chiropractic Care, they will need to book an Initial Consultation with Hannah before enjoying the 15-minute sessions.

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Do you have NDIS Funding?

Self-managed NDIS plans can apply funding to  the 60min Individual Sessions

The Categories we utilise funding in are: 

  • Development of daily living and like skills,

  • Improved health and wellbeing,  

  • Group and Centre Based Activities, and 

  • Participation in community, social and civic activities.

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