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Have you drunk enough water today?

Posted by ACCC Team on 10-Apr-2018 09:59:35
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As you know we constantly ask the children who attend our centre - 
'Have you drunk enough water today?'

But how much is enough? 

A small child's drink bottle usually holds 400ml
A large child's drink bottle holds between 500ml-750mlpexels-photo-314296

On a NORMAL day (20-25 degrees)
▪️ Children 2-4 yrs need to have about 0.5L per day
- That is 2 full 250ml glasses or 1.5 bottles full)
▪️Children 5-8yrs need to have 1L
- About 4-5 glasses or 2 to 3 bottle refills/day
▪️ Children 9-12yrs need to have 1.5L
- They should be refilling their drink bottles 3-4 x per day
▪️Children 13+yrs need to have 2L per day
- Thats 8 to 10 glasses (2 litres) or 4 refills of a bottle per day

 On a HOT day (25-35+ degrees) - Our children will need MUCH more, especially if they are playing outdoors. 
We recommend that the numbers above be x 1.5 at least.

Children do not regulate their temperature like adults can, so it is vitally important that we support them especially during very, hot days.

There is no better way to re-hydrate then with water, but you can add these following ideas to add hydration support;
▪️Fruits - watermelon, oranges 🍉
▪️Coconut water - great for re-hydration 
▪️ Icy Poles - home made with a mix of water, freshly squeezed juices and fruit pieces 


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