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Tummy time techniques to use this festive season.

Posted by Dr Amanda Watson + Dr Jacey Pryjma on 22-Dec-2019 11:23:09

How to get enough Tummy Time this Christmas

For most of  the festivities involve being out and about, travelling between gatherings and lots of fun, however this can limit the time your baby has for free play and floor based tummy time. Tummy time not only provides the opportunity for supporting posture development, but it also gives your child time to play, explore, have space and learn elements of self regulation. So how do you make sure your baby gets enough tummy time this festive season between all your commitments?

Firstly, understanding how much tummy time your child needs will help you make sure you are providing the minimum time, and then anything more is a wonderful bonus!

How much tummy time does your babe needs each day?
Follow these simple tips to help them achieve that over the festive season! 
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3 tips for ‘handling’ your baby supportively this festive season!

Posted by Dr Amanda Watson on 21-Dec-2019 20:02:14

The festive season is upon us and those with babies will know just how many requests you receive from others to hold your baby. Everyone wants to cuddle your little squish!

Being held, passed around and moved in and out of car seats, high chairs and beds becomes much more frequent at this time of year.

Did you know this can place additional strain and pressure through the spine and shoulders of your baby?

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4 Ways To Thrive This Christmas!

Posted by ACCC Team on 29-Nov-2019 13:10:18

Christmas is only 4 weeks away... and while we all look forward to the festivities, food and fun with family and friends; it is also one of the busiest times of year.

Although thinking about our health and wellness during this time may not be on the top of the to-do list; by simply adding these four things, you will find that you not only get through the silly season with flying colours – you will thrive!

Here are our four top tips for not only surviving but THRIVING this holiday season:

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Rest & Relax!

Posted by ACCC Team on 05-Jun-2018 11:53:41

Supporting optimal health, balance & growth.

Life gets really busy! Ensuring your child can enjoy down time is essential for maintaining health, keeping life balanced and of course giving them the opportunity to optimally grow.

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Why we love baby wearing!

Posted by Dr Jacey Pryjma on 07-May-2018 14:24:11


[Image credit: Born for love - Ergobaby]
Holding or carrying a baby (or young child) on your body using a carrier

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How you feed your baby: it’s time for a new conversation.

Posted by ACCC Team on 04-Jul-2017 08:42:00

There are so many things you should do as a mother. And so many things you shouldn’t. There are opinions, articles, experts, advocates, infographics and judgements (spoken and subliminal).

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Babywearing, Breastfeeding + Motherhood with Renee from Babes In Arms

Posted by ACCC Team on 01-Jul-2017 12:40:29

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Destigmatising sleep training because sleep deprivation sucks!

Posted by ACCC Team on 27-Jun-2017 11:03:57

Sleep is a hot topic among new mamas, and seasoned ones too for that matter! No one is immune to having a child who doesn't want to sleep. 

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Mama, acknowledge you this mother's day!

Posted by ACCC Team on 13-May-2017 07:58:57

Sometimes being a mum seems like the hardest job in the world. And a thankless one at that!

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Sell out Nurturing Sleep Workshop for Tired Mums

Posted by ACCC Team on 06-Aug-2016 11:48:37



Our centre has only been open for a short period of time since July 2016. Already we have had a great response with families in the Newcastle community with some of our events we have hosted recently.

Dr Amanda Watson (Chiropractor)  hosted a sell out event alongside Renee from Sweet Dreams Baby (Certified Sleep Consultant) on 'Nurturing Sleep - A workshop for tired Mums!'

We had great feedback from the attendees saying that the skills and information gathered from the event was helpful & informative. It was great to give the Mum's some tips & skills to help babies sleep. We have another Sleep workshop coming soon due to such great demand!  So register here to keep informed of these types of upcoming events.  

Our aim is to always help our families grow together healthily, happily & be able to function at our fullest potential. Through our continued research, workshops & events whilst keeping chiropractic care at the forefront we will always be supporting families and here if you have any questions. 

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