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Why we love baby wearing!

Posted by Dr Jacey Pryjma on 07-May-2018 14:24:11


[Image credit: Born for love - Ergobaby]
Holding or carrying a baby (or young child) on your body using a carrier

Why is baby wearing so great?

  • Babies Cry less: Research shows that babies who are carried cry 43% less overall, 54% less during the evening hours.
  • Increases Oxitocin: The skin to skin contact and closeness of your baby when you wear them increases oxytocin levels in the parent. 
    This will help Mum with breastfeeding, and will help Dad bond with their newborn because Oxytocin is a hormone that promotes love, trust and connection.
  • Increased confidence and connection with bub: A large part of feeling confident as a parent is the ability to read our baby's cues successfully. When you carry your baby, you become finely attuned to their gestures, noises and facial expressions, this leads to better communication and confidence between parent and bub.

Benefits for your baby!

  • Improves baby's mental development: When carried; babies spend more time in the 'quiet, alert state'. They have the option to see what mum and dad can see, or to retreat back into the carrier, and not become over stimulated. 
  • Supports natural development of spine: Your baby is born with a c-shaped spine; this then develops into 4 different curves as they gain control over their head, start to crawl, and then walk. 
    The right baby carrier will support the natural development of their spine and hips.
  • Better digestion: The upright posture with gentle tummy pressure prevents any reflux of milk or stomach acid, while allowing any air or gas to come up and escape.

The baby carrier Brand we highly recommend:

We highly recommend Ergobaby Carriers for your baby wearing needs, which can be purchased through Born For Love.

Not only are they amazing quality in Australia & NZ, they are posturally sound for the mother & they are ergonomic for your baby with their hips & spinal support.

Ergobaby Carriers & are super comfortable to wear & easy to operate which makes life easier when your out and about for long periods of time... a bonus is they look beautiful to.

Head to their website below to view their full range of carriers.


 **Always ensure you read the manufacturers instructions of your carrier before using to ensure the proper safety and support is given to both yourself & your baby.

click below to Find out more about optimal growth & support for your newborn baby.

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