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Help improve your child's Postural Strength at school and home!

Posted by Dr Amanda Watson on 13-May-2020 12:15:00

ACCC0527 2-1-1How does posture help your child's brain and body to be an effective and efficient learner to thrive in class and play?

We want little brains and little bodies to be working so well that all a child has to do when they enter the classroom or playground is use their clever big thinking and doing brains to learn and play. 

Having optimal postural strength is an important driver for children to be able to use their brain effectively for concentration, focus and engagement; which in turn leads to better learning and more easeful play.

When each area of the lower brain is functioning well it allows the higher, clever cortex to work optimally so a child can think and play well. This is what we want for your child as they continue during the schooling system this year and beyond!

Postural strength is the ability to hold ourselves upright against gravity. Our posture gets strong when the muscles around the spine, shoulders and hips activate properly and have good endurance.

Strong postural muscles start developing in the first year or two of life, beginning with lots of tummy time!
This is why we are so passionate about engaging with parents with babies with our Lift Off - Tummy Time Classes to ensure we are helping educate and teach parents on how to promote good postural strength in your children from birth! 

Postural strength requires consistent firing of the postural muscles and this in turn leads to beautiful brain stimulation.
As the muscles continue to build strength, the neural pathways in the brain also thrive. This feedback system makes our posture strong and consistent. This is how we can have good posture, without having to think about it!  

Why do we see so many children experiencing poor posture?

Some of the reasons can be a lack of tummy time, too much sedentary behaviour and decreased time in active play which all lead to a decrease in postural strength development.

What then happens if the postural system in the brain and body isn’t working well?

It can be harder to concentrate, keep up with peers, stay motivated in movement activities and engagement in sport because a body with poorer posture takes a lot more energy to function.
It is just so busy trying to stay upright, that there isn’t enough in the tank to keep up with others.

canva-imagePoor posture in children can look like rounded shoulders and upper back or head forward of shoulders.
They may be constantly leaning and slouching on things or holding their head up in their hand when sitting at a desk.

Parents often tell us they find their child often complains of tiredness when on family walks, bike or scooter rides or they completely avoid or resist physical activity. Poor posture may also lead to fuzzy thinking and difficulty concentrating and completing mental tasks in a timely manner.

As Chiropractors, our goal is to support your child to develop better postural strength because a healthy posture will help your child integrate into school with greater ease. Our Back To School Check-ups are a great way to see how your child's posture, school bag and shoes are all contributing to their postural health and development. 

What are some simple ways to help improve our child's posture?

Teen Posture - superman - prone extension

  • superman stretches for 30sec everyday to help improve your spinal and brain health! 
  • Stand up straight against a wall with your shoulders, head and chest as close as possible to touching it and ensure that there is not too much of an arch in their spine. This will also help give your child a great sense of what good posture feels like. Take a photo and let them see how their shoulders, spine, neck and chest are all sitting so that they can help adjust their posture themselves.
    Now try this from a sitting position at a desk and practice their good posture!

Here at Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre we are passionate about bringing health to the forefront of family living and helping you the parent to education and empower your children to be tomorrow’s health ambassador’s. We love helping soaring the community to new levels through our workshops and events!

If you have any questions about your child’s postural strength or development, we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with me, Dr Amanda, to find out how you can support your child. Click on the button below to book one and see how we can support your child or your whole family.... Dont forget Mums and Dads need good posture strengh to!

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